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On the subject of sustainability:


Since 1966 our family has been engaged in the trade of carpets and home textiles of all kinds. Already at the time of purchase it was always our concern to pay attention to the fact that the quality, the functionality and of course the longevity play a decisive role.

Quality already plays a decisive role in the design and in the creation or development of the products. Because here the foundation is already laid, how long a product can be used.

A high-quality fabric can be seen and, above all, felt.
High quality products for your home should feel natural and comfortable.

We carefully select our manufacturers according to where and under what conditions the products are made.
However, since we do not act as a manufacturer ourselves, some aspects are naturally out of our hands.

For example, the area of logistics has also become more and more demanding in recent years and our attention is of course also in the area of packaging, which we put into circulation as a retailer and online retailer.
We always reuse our cardboard boxes and, if necessary, also the filling material, as far as the condition of the boxes allows.

It has been quite normal for us since the establishment of our online store in 2005 that we do not immediately dispose of this excellent packaging. We already receive countless good packaging from our manufacturers, which get a second or even third life with us.

So please do not be surprised if you receive a package from us that has already been in circulation once. The same applies to foils. Our carpets are always packed rolled in extra thick foils, these are also reused by us.

Since packaging is valuable in this day and age, and the garbage mountains and recycling companies have enough to do, this is a sensible amount to save our resources a little.

Many small things in our company, make in the end a fair and respectful treatment with our customers, the employees, and the business partners!


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