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                       Welcome to the online shop of Teppich Hemsing!

50 Jahre Hemsing

Herewith we welcome you and invite you to explore our assortment via internet. With a lot of patience and great commitment, we have been dedicating ourselves to the Internet business for 10 years now, as a second mainstay. Stationary trade as we have experienced it for two generations is hardly sufficient on its own to survive. The new technology and the extremely convenient search functions enable us to reach a catchment area that we never had before. Nevertheless, we are sticking to traditional retailing. Our shop is located in the pedestrian zone, in the heart of the Ruhr area, in the middle of Oberhausen. Perhaps we can win you over in one way or another and convince you of our service. Our strength is the flexibility and creativity to quickly take a photo with the desired colours and send it to you by email, or to find a very special Bassetti plaid for you which is actually no longer available in Germany. Or to send you a sample so that you can better imagine your future carpet on site. To get to know us, please have a look at the category "About us".

Carpets - that was the beginning
Over the years, our love for beautiful carpets has remained and even today, carpets are still one of our favourites. Extraordinary designer carpets, which however require a real consultation and trying out on the spot, are part of it, as well as the wonderful Tisca carpets made of virgin wool, traditionally the best material for high-quality and durable carpets. The extravagant braided sisal carpets also have their regular place with us, where many new customers have just been won, also on the Scandinavian market. It goes without saying that all carpets can be made in all sizes and colours according to your wishes.

Sleeping - as elementary as the air we breathe
The decisive factor for us was not simply to carry certain brands. It was important to us that the quality is right and that you can SEE and FEEL what is special. It doesn't matter whether it's the extremely light duvets with correspondingly integrated climate zones or whether you are fascinated by the flattering oriental Bassetti bed linen. Brand manufacturers such as Bassetti, Betty, Böhmerwald, Formesse, HnL, Sanders, Traumina and Zucchi are among our tried and tested manufacturers. But also enchanting bedspreads and fitted sheets are part of our regular assortment and will also round off your bed.

Living - cosy or elegant, sometimes both are possible!
Cosy, imaginative plaids or warming natural hair blankets are among our specialities here. Complemented by beautiful cushion combinations, there are few limits to creativity here.

The name Hemsing has been a household name in Oberhausen since 1966!
If we have aroused your curiosity, please contact us. We will also come to you with a carpet selection, even beyond the borders of the Ruhr area. We are a small team here, which always tries to master even difficult tasks. We have built up this shop with all its challenges in real hard work without any great administrative requirements and it has grown slowly but steadily and we are a little proud of what we have achieved! We hope you enjoy browsing!


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