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About Us - Teppich Hemsing with living experience in Oberhausen

Carpet Hemsing with living experience in Oberhausen

How it all began: Read from the beginning, a little history as it has come to the present operation.

My grandfather Hermann Hemsing founded 1930 in Bocholt a Upholstery and sold furniture fabrics and processed them further. Beautiful Furniture and upholstering pieces were created in this period. The two sons have the family business up so that my father in 1966 in Oberhausen a branch founded the later full autonomy existed from Bocholt.

Since 1966, the name is in Oberhausen synonymous with good service and brand quality. The focus of business in Oberhausen were no longer the upholstery but my father Hermann Hemsing Jr. special ized on its core competence:. Carpets.

Here he ran for nearly 30 years a large carpet shop to over 1000m² area with everything could offer a special business at that time.

In 1994, I am joined by 10 years of education and training in the company and it was also characterized by a spatial variation. There we still had a big carpet shop where slow other home textiles such. B. held the Bassetti collection collection of 220 m². The course was set in a new time.

When my father retired in 2005, I have decided the business in a smaller manageable size to continue. Adapted to the current circumstances I operate not only the shop on site, but have broadened my presence through the gates of Oberhausen addition, so that customers can visit outside of my online shop. This project always presents new challenges that have started from scratch and have now reached an important place.

So the core competence is still that of a carpet business, with inividuellen Designer rugs from reputable manufacturers, a professional carpet washing,repairing your precious oriental carpets and much more.
But in addition, the range has increased significantly, especially the bedding.

Many well-known brand names provide a quality selection of bedding, throws, duvets, pillows, fitted sheets, natural hair ceilings and all around everything for residential or well-being.

Through our online shop we have now also a considerable number of sales in other European countries. We think that we are on the right track and we would be pleased to meet you, not on anonymous hotlines, but like in a personal interview in "real" or even on the phone. Enjoy browsing!

This is us! A small video - to get to know!

Thus, the Internet does not remain anonymous, we have set a little video for you.
Here we show details of our shop in Oberhausen! You might also sometimes like to visit us.

                                       SORRY, but only in German language available!

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